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Automated Dental Patient Acquisition Services

Our comprehensive dental marketing platform works work with dentists from coast to coast. We help dental practices grow, while they transform how they acquire and retain more patients.

Your company needs new customers to grow and thrive. Do you know how to find them?

Full-Service Creative and Data-Driven Growth Platform

When you partner with Granite Peak Digital Media, our full-service creative and data-driven solutions help your small, medium, or large practice capture potential patient’s attention and ensures long-term success for your dental practice growth.

Highly-Targeted Customer Acquisition

We collect third-party “in-market” data which allows us to create laser focused lists of people in targeted areas which are currently displaying buying behaviors, including researching dental procedures, visiting dental websites and clicking ads for dental services. We deliver highly relevant ads to those prospects through lower cost outlets, allowing us to provide qualified leads for high collection-revenue services like implants and Invisalign at a fraction of the cost your competitors are paying.


Not Simply Lead Generation

We then use processes to transfer those leads into a custom- built CRM for our clients that automatically nurtures and conducts outreach through expertly crafted emails and text messaging designed to create maximum engagement. This means we are able to provide high numbers of inbound patients directly calling your office, while keeping the ones that require a little more nudging warm, leading to 2-3x higher than average lead to patient conversion rates.


How Are We Different?

• We literally guarantee our results. If we don’t provide the minimum number of monthly leads benchmarked for your plan we will pay any remaining advertising costs required to collect them. 
• We don’t require long-term contracts
• Depending on level of investment and engagement our average clients will collect 8-15 new implant or Invisalign patients each month and see increased annual production revenues of $180k-$300k in their first year of service. 
• Unsecured line of credit financing available for qualified clients


As Your Practice Grows

We are able to continue to provide other high value services including SEO, website design and development, website management, social media management, content marketing, email marketing, print/traditional serves, and more.

Modern digital marketing for business is complicated. Contact us today and let us simplify it; while getting you the results you need.