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Analytics Trends To Watch This Year

The key to keeping your marketing machine in a virtuous circle of growth is learning what’s on the horizon and putting it into play before the new tactic becomes another best practice everyone has internalized. It’s the only way to get an edge, and it requires you to be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. Luckily, this industry is all about trends and identifying them, so if you’re good, you’ll spot what’s starting to work for early adopters and bring it into your own plan quickly. Of course, there are so many trends rising and falling at any given time, it can be easy to miss one here or there. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for key analytics trends you’ve missed. Here are a few 2020 trends that are likely to stay strong through the year, so you can make sure you’re on top of the big changes before they happen.

Billboards Are Getting Bigger Again

Digital billboards have been on the rise for a few years, which brings revitalized energy to print campaigns because digital content can be displayed in places where foot traffic and commuter traffic patterns will put a lot of eyes on your brand. Coupled with digital marketing designed to capture the conversions from people who see the digital billboard and check things out on mobile, this can be a powerful investment, especially since it combines your digital content with traditional OTT for an experience that is both new and comfortable at once. While billboard ads have never disappeared from the most successful marketing plans, the rise of digital billboards has led to a new set of available strategies for working with them.

Data Is Getting More Granular

Your analytics can only be as good as your data, which is why increased granularity is touted as such a benefit to most companies. Luckily, there has been a massive response to this by most of the major digital marketing platforms, and their updated tools now let you do more with the data, so you can make more targeted decisions and see trends earlier. Of course, you need to know how to harness that granularity to put it to work.

Open Source Visualization Opens New Vistas

With an increase in open source options for displaying and analyzing data, the range of visualization methods is only increasing. Download your analytics statistics and try out the data in a few different visualization systems to get more points of view on the trends you’re currently seeing in customer behavior.

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