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DIY Vs. Using a Firm: Two Approaches to Marketing Campaigns

Whether you just launched your business or have an established organization, to improve sales and brand recognition, marketing is key. How your business approaches marketing campaigns can be very complex, even on a local level, depending on your target goals. Across businesses of all sizes, throughout every industry, the debate of whether to keep marketing campaigns in-house or to use specialists from a digital marketing firm is a hot button issue.

The DIY Approach to Marketing Campaigns

Small business owners are used to wearing many hats. Entrepreneurs are often making their own sales, do their own accounting, and many other functions. With the accessibility of social media, video, and other forms of digital marketing, it’s not unusual to see business owners take a DIY approach to marketing campaigns. While maintaining a blog and creating a Facebook page for your business seems fairly easy and straightforward, it’s what happens under the hood that counts. Analyzing data for traffic engagements, likes, locations, and keeping track of analytics is not only complex, but extremely time-consuming. Many business owners become distracted by the intricacies of digital marketing and spend more time on various social media platforms than they do by trying to run and grow their operations. Besides, there are only so many hours in the day, and you need to prioritize and sleep at some point.

Using a Digital Marketing Firm

Digital marketing firms have a lot in common with really large advertising agencies. Digital marketing firms combine psychology and technology to drive traffic and increase sales. These firms keep up with the changes that Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms make and can drill down into the numbers and interpret them to improve your company’s reach and brand awareness. The difference is that digital marketing firms are able to scale their costs to fit any business and work directly with entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals. Because digital marketing firms know their field, they can launch and oversee marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively so business owners can focus on the big priorities, such as sales and growth.

In the end, businesses need to choose what is right for them, and some still prefer to keep their marketing campaigns in-house. But businesses that align themselves with digital marketing firms see a much better ROI and the strategy outpaces most DIY marketing campaigns because firms can identify competitors and strengths of the businesses that hire them.

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