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Social Media Marketing Pitfalls Businesses Need to Avoid

Social media marketing can be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. Social media allows businesses to reach and target audiences, promote products and services, build brand identity, and much more, all with a more modest cost than traditional marketing methods. However, business owners must avoid these common social media marketing pitfalls which can damage their reputation and lose followers.

Posting to Social Media for the Sake of Posting

While it’s true that silence can be deadly in the realm of social media marketing, the opposite can also have a negative impact. Content posted to social media should be relevant, so your business can connect with the general audience, gain customers, and grow your brand. If your business hasn’t posted anything in a few days, and you don’t really have anything new to share, that’s perfectly fine. If you are posting things just to post them and show signs of life, your business page ends up generating “noise” and engagements with your audience will drop off much faster than if you simply posted nothing.

Your Business Is Not Your Audience

One of the most common social media marketing pitfalls that businesses stumble into is appealing to their industry instead of their clients. Businesses tend to treat social media platforms as a trade magazine. While there is no problem with using social media to network with industry peers, they are not the ones purchasing goods and services from your business. Think about your clients and what interests them about your business. Make posts that are engaging and likely to be shared. You don’t have to deviate from your vision or mission to connect with your audience to drive traffic and sales.

Avoid the Hard Sell

We just suggested that you make social media posts that are relevant to your audience to drive sales, so this may seem a bit contradictory at first. If our business is using social media to push sales in every post, then you are not going to get ahead. Social media is, well, social. People do not want to see ads or feel pressured constantly. Make posts that are educational and humorous, yet relevant to your business. The best way to connect with people and grow your audience is to use social media to give your brand depth beyond “we sell stuff.”

By avoiding the social media marketing pitfalls above, your business can grow a strong brand, and the sales will come naturally as you connect with your audience.

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