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What to Consider Before Starting a Website Redesign

It is hard to deny the overall importance of your company website. When a consumer is casually browsing the internet for goods and services your business offers, a landing page from your site is one of the first points of contact this person has with your establishment. This means you absolutely need to put time and effort into the design of your site. Every now and then, a website redesign can help you align with current trends and produce better results from your site traffic. Consider these steps to know exactly how to begin the redesign process.

Broken Links

One of the biggest and most important steps to take when it comes to tweaking your website is checking the links found around your site. Whether they are links that take customers to other pages on your site or external links that bring them to another web page entirely, a broken link is an easy way to look less reputable than you’d like. When first beginning the design process, take time to note all links that might not be active anymore. Remove or update these links and it will help you immensely.

Focus on Copy

Another crucial aspect of website redesign is the quality of the copy on your site. If you have looked into SEO tactics, then you know that the specific words and phrases you decide to include in your copy can play a pivotal part in whether or not your pages are noticed by search engines. A great way to make a difference here is by looking over the best keywords to include for your industry. There are a number of programs and applications you can use in order to analyze and extract this data for your benefit.

Duplicate Content

On the topic of search engines, it is important to understand what sites like Google are looking for when crawling your website to determine whether or not it is legitimate. More often than note, a site is given a red flag when it contains multiple pages of duplicate content. This is viewed as a shady practice by search engines and can prevent your site from showing up on results pages. Scour your site for any signs of duplicate content or copy and see exactly how many instances you have.

Focusing on website redesign can make a world of difference for the success of your business. If you aren’t sure how to get started, give yourself time to look into the most advantageous adjustments and discover exactly how you can discover lasting results from all of your efforts.

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